Kraken Empire is a company established in 2011, but our history as developers dates back to early 2000s. Through the years, we have created technology and titles for all kinds of platforms, and our goal since we founded the studio is to explore new territories by means of physics, A.I. and innovate user experiences.


Our interest in proprietary technology can be traced back to the origins of the studio, when we developed a simulation engine used by bio-computation institutes, science expositions, and in our own products. Complex efficient architecture design and data intensive processing are the cornerstones of our tools.


In the last two decades, the members of the team were involved in games like "War Leaders: Clash of Nations" (PC), "Legends of War: Patton's Campaign" (PSP/Xbox 360), "Music School" (Nintendo DS) or "Kick-Ass 2" (PC/Consoles). After creating a custom proprietary engine, Kraken Empire released "Kromaia" (PC) an the expanded, retail "Kromaia Omega" (PlayStation 4).


Our interest in research and science led us to develop educational content in the form of gamified online competitive gameplay. Hi Score Science is a mobile platform oriented application, created along with the third largest research council in Europe. It keeps growing and evolving since 2016, with its own arcade machine installment.