KROMAIA: Oculus Rift First Tests

KROMAIA supports Oculus Rift from version 1.01. Currently it is a very basic support, we just offer a simple head tracking using an Oculus headset and you will need an external software to show the game in 3D in the Oculus Rift screen, but it works and you can see what to expect for the next builds.

Right now it seems Ogre3D has some problems with Oculus DK2, so we will look for a solution and try to offer native support from the game as soon as possible.

Follow this simple steps if you want to try it yourself in its current state:

1 – Go to “Kromaia\Configuration\Options” and open “Graphics.xml”. Replace the -1 with a 0 in <VRSYSTEMTYPE Value=”-1″ /> to activate head tracking using Oculus. You should be able to launch the game now and see the camera moving when you move the headset, but you can’t see the game on the Oculus screen.

2 – Use an external 3D software to see the game on 3D on the Oculus screen. We have tried TriDef3D, it works pretty well and has a free trial:

You will have to use Oculus extended display mode, but it is pretty easy to get it to work with default configuration.

3 – Remember to use the return key to recenter camera position when looking forward.

4 – We recommend using the first person camera (F1) for virtual reality, the HUD gives a better reference and helps avoid sickness. We think it works a bit like the “virtual nose” some people are playing with:

That should be it, try piloting and looking around using all six degrees of freedom (6dof). You will be able to see the world in real 3D for the first time, and your estimations about distances and scales will be much more accurate. Obviously, immersion is greater and the world feels more real than ever.

If you make it work tell us what you think ;)


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