KROMAIA: A space game with black holes in it! ;)

Have you ever played in a 3D space populated by black holes?

Kromaia will be your best chance to experiment with black holes from the safety of your seat.

Take a first look to black holes in Kromaia and what they are capable of…


  • Notice every object in the video is attracted by the black hole including 400 asteroids and every enemy and projectile fired.
  • Objects contacted by the black hole explode generating a shockwave that affects every other objects in range.
  • 0:30 Observe how projectiles, after colliding with the column, are attracted by the black hole.
  • 0:49 An enemy crashes with the black hole and is instantly destroyed.
  • 1:32 and 1:48 Admire how projectiles orbit the black hole shortly after being fired.
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