KROMAIA: Looking for volunteers

We have just finished a new version to test the game control. It is not a real demo; it is just a gameplay prototype for a newcomer to try how it feels to play KROMAIA.

This version is about  20 minutes long (with a 20MB download) and features a couple of bosses and three play modes. The current gameplay and bosses are not close to a final version, but the game is quite playable at this stage (or at least we think so :D ).

We would like to keep this control demo private by selecting some players with experience in different game genres. We will release a public demo in a near future with the improvements suggested by our first volunteers.

All we will ask from you is to try our game and tell us what do you think about controlling your ship with keyboard, mouse or joystick (whatever you use). The game is quite hard, so don’t worry if you die or if you can’t make it to the end. Remember it is just a control demo.

If you are interested in trying KROMAIA, please send us an e-mail to, telling us why do you want to play our game and what “similar” titles you have played.

We will accept requests until the end of November. Contact us if you want to try KROMAIA now!

Thanks in advance. ;)

P.S. The current version is Windows-only, sorry.

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