KROMAIA: Physical Propulsion

It seems that when we say that our game is fully physics based, no one understands what we actually mean. It is quite simple, we place every object at its initial position and we apply physical forces to make it move. We don’t move the objects manually; they move according to the forces applied and our universe’s physical laws.

The next question that could be asked is: “How do you move the player’s spaceship?” Well… again the answer is… applying physical forces. Although the detailed answer involves what we call “propellers”.

Propellers, when turned on, apply forces to the player’s spaceship in the position they are located and along a fixed direction. Propellers are represented using “broken rings” and the amount of force applied is proportional to the angular velocity of the ring.

Why all that information right now? So that you can understand our new video. Look carefully to see the propellers and which ones are turned on for each movement shown in the clip.

How can all that propellers be useful for KROMAIA? We like to think that we have the smoothest control you have ever seen. Hopefully you can see it in the video but you will have to try our demo to know if it is really true (we are planning to release a demo in October, be patient).

Just a final note regarding the modding capabilities we promised. It is not a part of the gameplay, just a customisation feature by now. But imagine that all that propellers define their characteristics in a data file (position, direction, power, acceleration, deceleration…) and you can activate one or several propellers with any key… What control scheme would you prefer to pilot your ship? Maybe it is the first time you will be able to customise how your vehicle moves in a videogame with six degrees of freedom. ;)

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